Medical Complications in Pregnancy

Around 3-5% of live births are complicated by a birth defect each year totaling around 120,000 babies. Additionally, women taking any kind of medication have more than doubled in the last 30 years. The use of Drug is a rare source of birth defects, but several medications can increase the likelihood of emerging a birth defect. Post term pregnancy is well-defined as a pregnancy that covers to 42 0/7 weeks and more. The reported occurrence of post term pregnancy is nearly 3-12%. Risk factors for definite post term pregnancy contain prim parity, prior post term pregnancy, male gender of the fetus, and genetic factors. Antepartum stillbirths account for more perinatal deaths than either difficulties of prematurity or unexpected infant death syndrome. Hyperemesis gravid arum is the most severe form, which leads to volume depletion, electrolytes and acid-base imbalances, nutritional insufficiencies, and ultimately death. Severe hyperemesis demanding hospital admission arises in 0.3-2% of pregnancies. pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy which states a benign dermatitis that commonly arises late in the third trimester of a first pregnancy which leads to Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy (PEP). Psychosocial and Environmental Pregnancy Risks may affect the pregnancy.

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